It’s common knowledge to replace and clean air filters in your office on a regular basis. But one item that is often overlooked for cleanliness, are your air ducts. Although there may not be a need to have your air ducts professionally cleaned more than once a year if you maintain them properly, but if you are a business owner in Leominster, there are a few reasons why you should have your ducts cleaned.

The Obvious

Several items can be trapped within your air ducts, such as large build-ups of dust, allergens, mold spores, and several other particles. When you air systems turn on, all these items are ejected out of ducts and into your office, only then to be captured by suction ducts and spewed back into your office space again, creating a never ending cycle.

Minimizing Internal Pollution

By cleaning your ducts you are removing all the impurities that are trapped within your ducts that were previously mentioned. As these items are removed, you are taking a great deal of action to improve your indoor air quality. Dust and other allergens are key contributors as to why indoor air quality of offices and homes are poor. After cleaning your air ducts, you may notice that cases of allergies may have lessened, dust has been significantly reduced throughout your office, and you may be able to even breathe easier.

Clean Duct Registers

One thing you can do to keep your air ducts cleaned and prevent them from spreading dust throughout your facility is to clean the vent and grille covers. Registers often have large build ups of dust due to the wind or air pressing dirt against the covers, and when systems turn off and on, the loosened bits of dust are then forced out into the air. To clean the duct registers, start by turning the system off, if possible the remove the dust covers, and vacuum the vents of any dust buildup.

As a business owner in Leominster, be mindful of the cleanliness of your air ducts, and create a better environment for you, your employees, and for any visitors by having your air ducts cleaned.