There is a common misconception regarding fire damage: that only the flames of a fire cause the damages. The reality is that smoke can cause a significant amount of damage as well. More often than not, smoke damage is what is going to take the longest when cleaning or restoring your property.

Smoke may not be able to burn items into ash, but it can render a space unusable due to heavy odors or permanently tarnished walls, structures, and fabrics. But when speaking about smoke damage, there are a few different types, which you should understand:

  • Wet Smokeis caused by a slow-burning, low-heat fire. Wet smoke is some of the hardest to clean up because it forms a thick film on surfaces.
  • Dry Smokeis a fine powder caused by a quick, burning blaze. Dry smoke is easier to remove from nonporous surfaces, but must be carefully vacuumed out of fabrics, tile, and other porous surfaces. When attempting to wipe the powdery dry smoke from porous surfaces, you run the risk of compounding the particles and trapping it into the porous crevices.
  • Protein Smoke, like that which you get from burning a steak on the grill, is much lighter in color than other kinds of smoke and can be visually hard to catch until it gets onto wood varnishes or paint, which can become discolored permanently.
  • Petroleum Smokecomes from openly burning fuel oils. In many ways it’s the opposite of protein smoke; it’s incredibly dark and stains everything it touches with an oily residue, but is relatively easy to clean if you have the proper cleaning agents available.

If you’ve had a fire, you’re probably already familiar with the extraordinary damage that smoke can do — that’s why Leominster has fire damage repair specialists in ServiceMaster by Williams. In the event of a fire, we can provide the services to help restore your property back to normal.